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Product Tour Content

1 / Introduction

Highlights Defect Maestro's role in enhancing patient safety, quality enhancement, and regulatory compliance through smart complaint management.

2 / Assets Management

Features the ability to comprehensively track and manage product performance, ensuring a granular level of control over complaint handling.

3 / Workspace Management

Offers customizable workspaces to enhance data privacy and facilitate collaboration across teams, adapting to the organization's size and structure.

4 / Users & Roles

Enables streamlined collaboration by defining specific roles and permissions, ensuring efficient complaint handling across different teams.

5 / AI Management

Utilizes AI to improve decision-making accuracy in the complaint handling process, with customizable AI models tailored to organizational needs.

6 / Integration Management

Allows seamless integration with existing CRM and project management tools, enhancing the complaint intake and investigation process.

7 / Compliance Tools

Provides access to a suite of compliance tools and templates, simplifying the creation of regulatory reports and CAPA documentation.

8 / Dashboards

Offers customizable dashboards for real-time insights into quality performance, tailored to the roles and needs of the team members.

9 / Complaint Evaluation

Improves efficiency and accuracy in complaint evaluation through AI-guided analytics, ensuring timely and accurate complaint categorization.

10 / End-to-End Process

Demonstrates the platform's comprehensive support for the entire complaint handling process, from intake to resolution, for operational efficiency.

11 / Closing

Emphasizes Defect Maestro's commitment to transforming complaint handling into a strategic asset for medical device manufacturers.

AI for Patient Safety

Say goodbye to complexity, delays, and mistakes in handling complaints.

Our solutions simplifies the post market surveillance process with connected workflows, custom reports and dashboards, and using AI to improve decisions accuracy.