AI for patient safety

Automate Complaint Handling

End to End complaint handling from intake to resolution for medical devices. Using AI to improve decisions and reduce the time to close complaints.

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Built for medical device manufacturers

When complaints are not managed effectively, it leads to regulatory non-compliance, product recalls, and patient harm. Our platform simplifies the process and ensures compliance with global regulations.

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Guaranteed compliance with regulatory standards

End-to-End Complaint Handling

Manage complaints from intake through investigation to resolution.

AI-Guided Analytics

Automate complaint classification with AI for accuracy and efficiency.

Customizable Dashboards

Role-specific insights with real-time data visualization and alerts.

Predictive Analysis

Anticipate product issues with AI-driven event prediction and warnings.

Compliance Reporting

Generate audit-ready reports, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Connect tasks across departments for streamlined complaint resolution.


Complaints Intake to Actions

All in One Place - 3 Simple Steps!

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Intake & Evaluation

AI-driven Defect Maestro captures and sorts complaints, for handlers to evaluate and initiate investigations.

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Investigation & Analysis

Cross-functional teams leverage AI analytics with Defect Maestro for root cause analysis and corrective actions.

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Resolution & Closure

Implement corrective actions and integrate improvements. Defect Maestro aligns resolutions with quality and safety, concluding the complaint cycle.

Efficiency, Accuracy, and Collaboration

Our AI-driven platform helps you to streamline the process and reduce the time to close complaints.

  • 20%
    Reduction in Operating Costs by leveraging AI to automate evaluation and closure of complaints.
  • $50M
    Avoided costs using AI that offers early warning and appropriate complaint classification, preventing potential product failures.
  • 75,000 Hours
    Reduced annually by enhancing team collaboration and cutting time to close complaints. Automated reports and visualizations.

Find the right product for your business

Two products tailored for businesses of various sizes
Turnkey Custom Workflow for your Business
Complaint Handling 🎯🧠
The platform for handling the entire complaint lifecycle. Includes the AI engine to improve classification and decision making.
Top Use Cases:
  • Manage Complaints Receiving to Improvement in one place
  • Generate Post Market Surveillance Reports
  • Create CAPA's, Investigations, MDR's
  • Custom Dashboards for Single source of truth insights
  • Enterprise solutions: roles, workspaces, integration
Modular AI models for your failures data
Insight Core
A stand-alone AI platform for deep-dive analytics and engineering problem solving.
Top Use-Cases:
  • Add AI brain to your existing data rich environment
  • Classify defects and complaints
  • Find patterns and predict failures
  • Test-drive AI power with minimum disruption

AI for Patient Safety

Say goodbye to complexity, delays, and mistakes in handling complaints.

Our solutions automates the post market surveillance and complaint handling processes with connected workflows, custom reports and dashboards, and using AI to improve decisions accuracy.